Tommy is currently taking on private students in Cheltenham, UK. If you would like to study with Tommy please send him an email or call 07505 715 857.

Tommy takes on all levels of students from beginner level, but specialises in students who have already developed some facility at their instrument and would like to expand their musical knowledge and jazz piano skills. Tommy has been giving jazz piano lessons for 15 years and has a number of younger and professional level students.

As Tommy wasn’t conservatoire trained himself he doesn’t teach an academic exam-based approach and takes more of a coaching role, helping to guide the students in their practice and become their own teachers. Several of Tommy’s students have gone on to study at major London collages.

If you are keen to expand your improvisational ability and experience the joy of playing jazz at a high level, then studying with Tommy could set you on the right path.

Online lessons can be just as effective as in-person lessons, and so anyone in the world is now able to study with Tommy. It is easy to set up and all you need is a computer or laptop with a reasonable quality built-in camera or webcam. Tommy uses Skype or Facetime. Just send Tommy an email with your time zone and availability to set things up. 

Learn Jazz harmony
Improvisation and soloing
Styles of the masters from various eras
Improve your ensemble playing and performance
Comping techniques
Tune Learning
Transcription study and analysis

There is no reason why Skype lessons should not be as enjoyable as normal lessons.

Making sure you have clear guidelines in place and are well prepared and organised will make this a good experience for both you and your students.

Benefits of Skype Lessons

  • There is no need to reschedule due to minor illnesses or other conflicts.
  • It eliminates travel time and traffic
  • Saves money on petrol
  • The lessons are accessible anywhere if you have a computer and Internet connection
  • If you are moving to another part of the county/country/world
  • If you are away at college
  • You can refer an out-of-county/country friend or relative
  • There is more flexibility in scheduling

Free First Lesson!

Our first meeting will be to check sound, discuss lesson procedures, and discuss your individual goals and objectives. This meeting will be free of charge and will last approximately 30 minutes.

Just send me a quick email and we will take it from there.



1. The Skype™ application. If you don’t have it, click here. (You have to create a Skype™ account. Get Info here: ) Or the FaceTime™ application (included with Apple computers)


Lessons pricing: £40 for 1 hour.

£25 for half an hour

 All payments to be made by PayPal only. If you don’t have PayPal it’s very simple to join.

Subscribe to Tommy’s harmony course for a monthly fee (less than a single private lesson with Tommy) and you can study in your own time, the materials are there for you to refer to whenever you need. Tommy talks you through the styles of the jazz masters step by step in their approach to harmony and comping.

  • Learn exercises to develop the skills for yourself
  • Expand your harmonic palette
  • Become a more creative and interesting player
  • Learn the styles authentically
  • Tried and tested approaches which Tommy has developed and applied over time
  • Understand the techniques used by the masters
  • Learn modal playing, ballads, and up-tempo playing

If you are struggling to play more freely and confidently, don’t know how to progress, or simply want to expand your skills, then you will definitely find Tommy’s course inspiring and stimulating.

This course launches on 20th May 2019. Please click the link.


The course is regularly updated with new material.

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